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Peri Bottle - Postpartum Care

Peri Bottle - Postpartum Care

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What is the Purpose of a Peri Bottle? A peri bottle serves the crucial function of gently rinsing the perineum with warm water following childbirth. Featuring small spout holes, it delivers a gentle spray that offers much-needed relief from discomfort, particularly if you're recovering from tears, stitches, or swelling.

Let's be honest: Postpartum discomfort is real, and urination can feel like torture. Our Peri Bottle becomes an absolute lifesaver in such moments.

Can a Peri Bottle be Used after a C-section? Absolutely. Given the challenges of bending over and limited mobility post-C-section, our Upside Down Peri Bottle comes to the rescue. Its innovative design, featuring a narrow neck for precise targeting, allows for cleanup without exerting pressure on the incision site, ensuring comfort during the healing process.

Compact and practical, our portable peri bottle is an essential addition to your hospital bag, making those initial post-birth bathroom trips less daunting. Additionally, it proves invaluable during the first few days and weeks after childbirth. Plus, with its discreet carry bag, you can use it with confidence wherever you go.

Moreover, our versatile peri bottle isn't just for postpartum use—it's also handy for managing hemorrhoids and aiding in menstrual hygiene.

**Important note: Refrain from using hot water in the peri bottle and always test the temperature beforehand.

Size: 500ml Ensure this essential postpartum aid finds its place in your hospital bag, mamas!

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